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How to Get Rid of Bats in Your Southern NH Home for Sale

bats in your Southern NH home

When it starts to get cold outside bats may look find comfort in your warm Southern NH home. I know how scary it can be to think the bats are going to harm you, or your family. What if they turn into vampires? You’ll be surprised to learn that vampires aren't real, and bats are actually harmless, and sometimes even cute. When they aren’t in your home, of course!!!

There are about 40 different species of bats in the United States which can inhabit your Southern NH home for sale. The most common Bats found in North America are The Little Brown Bat, The Big Brown Bat, and The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat. Those are the three species of Bats that are most likely to reside in your home and likely in the attic.

Here are several different ways to keep bats out of your Southern NH home for sale:

Start by finding out how they are getting into your home!

If you have bats in your Southern New Hampshire home, they are getting in somewhere! Figure out where they are getting in, and board up and close the area, or set up a one way exclusion device. This is a small tube where bats can get out of your Southern NH home for sale but can not re-enter. Denying bats reentry is preferable to trapping them, which can also be dangerous.

Exclusion devices can be purchased at a pet store, or a home improvement center! They are also fairly easy to install in your Southern NH home. 

Be Careful Not To Harm The Bats

There are many different species of bats that are endangered. Please be careful if you manually remove them from your Southern NH home yourself. If you harm the bats and anyone finds out about it, you could have a hefty fine to pay or face jail time. Make sure to always remember that bats are endangered and it is illegal to kill them.

Dispose of Any Waste They Create

Bat droppings are small round pellets called guano which can be harmful. The guano can grow a type of fungus that can cause the lung disease histoplasmosis in humans. Guano has a very powerful, musty smell that can often overpower your Southern NH house. The bat droppings and urine are corrosive to wood and metal, and can compromise the structural integrity of the building.  The droppings and the scent will lure in other animals and insects, so be sure to clean everything thoroughly. 

Call A Professional

If you are questioning whether it is bat guano or just don't know what it is call a pest professional. If you do not think you can remove the bats from your Southern NH home for sale safely and efficiently without harming them or yourself, please call a professional! Exterminators are trained and have the proper equipment. They can get rid of the bats safely and board up all the entrance points that they can squeeze through. And trust us when we tell you, they can get through some small openings.

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If you are questioning whether it is bat guano call a professional.